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-Ferruccio Giannini's own, first Bultaco racing motorcycle

-Ducati Marc 3

-350cc AJS 7R

-Parilla works 250cc 

-Jawa 500cc factory racer

-Norton 500cc Dominator

-Triumph Bonneville

-Honda HRC CB305, CB450, CB750

-Bultaco 250cc TSS air cooled, 250cc TSS water cooled

-Benelli works 200cc 5 stud factory racer

-Ducati 200cc formula 1, 250cc formula 3, Marc 3

-500cc Reinsport 4 cam racer (custom built most of the engine parts, only two that exist)

Numerous Successful Ducati and Aermacchi vintage racers through late 1990s and early 2000s


-MV Agusta 3cyl 350cc - Agostini's

-MV Agusta 3cyl 500cc - Agostini's

-MV Agusta 4cyl boxer water cooled prototype

-MV Agusta 4cyl narrow valve angle 500cc - Agostini's

-Benelli 350cc 4cyl - Pasolini's

-various Matchless G50 500cc and AJS 7R 350cc racers

Current Projects:

-Honda CR750

-Honda CR77 (multiple)

-Honda RC162

-Benelli 250cc/4cylinder factory replica

-CB350 road racer (multiple)


-Mark Heckles: 

World Superbike Championship, British Superbike & Supersport Championship , CCS Champion, MotoAmerica Superstock Championship

-Richard Midgley: 

multi-USCRA champion, multi-WERA regional champion, multi-VRRA perpetual trophy winner

-Kerry Smith:

 AMA national champion, USCRA champion

-Matt Tanner:

 multi-USCRA champion

-Timothy Tilghman: 

multi-AMA nationals, USCRA champ, multi-WERA regionals, VRRA perpetual trophy winner

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